Welcome to Lunikhy Game Farm. If you’ve ever imagined yourself in a true authentic environment, filled with the lush, lively, wild and unprecedented African splendor which Limpopo has to offer, then Lunikhy Game Farm is the place you will want to be. Lunikhy Game Farm guarantees a unique African adventure for each individual who visits our beautiful landscape and it can be experienced in a wide variety of ways. Whether you wish to embark on a bonding family adventure filled with spectacular game-drives and unbeatable sunsets, while staying in a variety of beautiful lodges which have been designed in a way that embraces the heart and essence of your surroundings, or if you wish to join hands in holy matrimony, or if you fancy enriching yourself with the rarest of African wildlife, Lunikhy Game Farm offers it all.

Exotic Game


We understand that this is a competitive industry, as is any, but what makes us a standout contender is the fact that we do not treat this as a business or an opportunity to turn profit, we do this simply because we have an undying love and passion for the bush and the unique wild life, which we should consider ourselves blessed to enjoy in our beautiful country, and our mission is to share it with the world and make sure that you have an incredible time enjoying it.

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