The inspiration behind Lunikhy.



We’d love to say that the majestic backdrop of nature is enough to throw an incredible wedding. While this beautiful landscape surely makes our lives easier, a lot of work goes into  things like table settings, décor, menus, food preparation, accommodation and guest management, cleaning, and maintenance. Luckily, for all of this we have a dream team of creative, friendly and enthusiastic rays of light that work together to create the wedding of your dreams.


Lu-Anne van Duiker

Event planner & décor stylist – Lu-Anne’s creative style and flair is infectious. She has a unique gift to make simplicity look spectacular.


Pieter Mc Cord  | Owner

While Pieter has the most important job of all – looking after the well-being of the entire farm and all the animals – he is always eager to pitch in behind the scenes.


Denielle van der Merwe

Catering specialist – Denielle is a magician. Give her a tomato and she’ll give you a meal; give her a single drop and she’ll make it rain.


Selma Mc Cord

Accommodation Manager – Selma is the first of many friendly faces guests to the farm will see. She’ll make sure you feel at home instantly.



The Farm’s “Girls” and Boys.


From left to right | Janneke Dykema, Lu-Anna, Khyla, Denielle, Nicole.


Not in featured in the picture.

Isabel Mc Claren - Venue Coordinator en Floor Mananager

Christoper Falck - Catering specialist


Janneke Dykema | Floor Manager

A born leader, Janneke ensures that the floor team functions as a well-oiled machine.


Khyla McCord | Catering Specialist

Deepfry Queen.


Nicole Mc Cord | Catering Specialist

Nicole’s not only a food whizz but her keen eye for detail also make her a splendid venue coordinator.


Brend van Duiker | Farmer & Driver

Copy for Brent needed.


Kitchen & Venue Angels.


Melody - Kitchen & Venue Staff

Amanda - Kitchen & Venue Staff

Dezia - Kitchen & Venue Staff

Trish - Kitchen Staff

Cynthia - Kitchen en Venue Staff



The Accomodation team.


Letta - Accomodation ( Ibala Bala / Honeymoon Suite)

Liesbet - Accomodation ( Ibala Bala/ Honeymoon Suite)

Rebecca & Maggie - Accomodation ( Boshuis 1 & 2)



Kevin | Farm Manager


Morden, Justin, Andries, Tanks, Tabang, Vince | Set up & Cleaning Staff