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So whether you’ve decided to make use of our lavish, beautifully themed or simplistic accommodation venues or use our beautiful facilities to join your hands in holy matrimony or if you just have an unrivalled passion in breeding with exotic game, in all instances, you get to benefit by being in the presence of a vast variety of exotic game species. Lunikhy Game Farm boasts a high population and variety of different species, ranging from Sable, Black, White & Saddleback Impala, Koning Wildebeest, Roan, Eland, Buffalo, Giraffe, Waterbuck and many more… the list goes on.

The Farm boasts 7 different breeding camps within approximately 2800 Hectares of space and is constantly expanding. Prices are always ever changing depending on the market so we urge you to contact us to find out more info.
List of exotic game on Ibala – bala Game Farm:
– Sable
– Roan
– Buffalo
– Saddleback Impala
– White Impala
– Black Impala
– King Wildebeest

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